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Versatile Applications of Syringe Pumps in Laboratories and Industry

by Christoph Schumacher on Apr 23, 2023

Vielseitige Anwendungen von Spritzenpumpen in Labor und Industrie

Syringe pumps, also known as infusion pumps, are devices used to deliver fluids or other solutions in controlled amounts and rates. They are particularly useful when precise dosing or a steady flow is required. Syringe pumps are used in laboratories and industry due to their accurate and controlled fluid delivery. Some applications include:

  1. Microfluidics: In microfluidics, small amounts of fluids are precisely manipulated to perform chemical or biological experiments. Syringe pumps can be used for precise control of fluids in microfluidic systems.

  2. Chromatography: Syringe pumps are often used in liquid chromatography to pump solutions through columns, achieving separation of molecules or ions.

  3. Titration processes: In analytical chemistry, syringe pumps are used for the precise addition of titrants to determine the concentration of a substance being analyzed.

  4. Synthesis of chemicals: In chemical synthesis, syringe pumps can be used to add reagents or catalysts precisely, especially for sensitive reactions where the rate of addition is important.

  5. Cell cultures and fermentation: In biotechnology, syringe pumps are used for controlled addition of nutrients or media to cell culture systems or fermenters.

  6. Dosing and filling: Syringe pumps can be used for precise dosing and filling of fluids.

  7. Material research: Syringe pumps can be used in material research to investigate the properties of materials under precisely controlled flow conditions.

These diverse applications demonstrate the importance of syringe pumps in various scientific and industrial fields where precise fluid control is required. Since a large number of different syringes can be used in the same device, the dosing rates can cover a very wide range. Extremely precise fluid delivery, even in the nanoliter range, is possible with syringe pumps. The highest flow rates with our devices are in the range of over 100mL per minute. Click here to view our selection of high-quality syringe pumps.