YTZ zirconium oxide grinding balls

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Planetary ball mills require grinding media that are characterized by a very high level of hardness and impact resistance. In this way, the grist is not contaminated with abrasion from the mill and the grinding balls. In addition, these very hard balls ensure that the grinding efficiency and quality are as high as possible. The finer the grinding result, the smaller the grinding media should be. It is often advisable to choose the grinding media from large to smaller in different steps. In this way, powders can be refined down to the nanoscale. Powders that are ground with planetary mills have a grain diameter about 1000 times smaller than the grinding media used. Our grinding balls are doped with yttrium oxide to further improve the hardness and service life compared to pure zirconium oxide.

The following sizes are available as standard: 0.15mm, 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm & 10mm (tolerance approx. 5-10%, spherical). Various other sizes are available on request, we can offer you grinding balls made of other materials such as tungsten carbide, silicon nitride, agate, etc. on request.

Please note: The grinding balls have a high density of approx. 6g/cm3, contain 1 kilogram of balls a comparatively small volume.



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