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Ceramic grinding balls for planetary mills and stirred ball mills

by Christoph Schumacher on Mar 11, 2023

Keramik Mahlkugeln für Planetenmühlen und Rührwerkskugelmühlen

Planetary ball mills and stirred ball mills are used in various fields such as the paint and coatings industry and research. They allow for very efficient dispersion and comminution of solids of all kinds down to the nanometer range. To achieve this, high-performance ceramics with high density and impact resistance are used for both the mill components and the grinding media. We offer very durable grinding balls made of yttrium-doped zirconium oxide (YTZ). The addition of yttrium significantly increases the impact resistance of the balls, resulting in better grinding results and faster achievement of the desired results. The service life of the balls also increases significantly. YTZ ceramic balls are among the highest quality grinding media available on the market.

Our grinding balls are available in various sizes in packaging units of 1kg. Here you can find our selection.