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Advantages of peristaltic pumps

by Christoph Schumacher on Feb 25, 2023

Vorteile von Peristaltikpumpen

Peristaltic pumps have the advantage that they can pump very viscous liquids, abrasive slurries, and corrosive fluids. The actual pump components are never in direct contact with the pumped medium. The smooth inner surfaces of the tubing are easier to clean and can be relatively inexpensive to replace if necessary. Depending on the liquid and the type of tubing, the pumps can suck up to 8 meters high water columns (at sea level). In addition, most shear-sensitive liquids such as latex dispersions or foams can be pumped with small resulting shear forces. The pumps can run dry and fluids with a high gas content, such as soaps, are not a problem. The high volumetric efficiency allows for precise dosing and filling. Various soft elastomer tubes, also for the food and pharmaceutical industries, can be used.

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